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How can dental services in Romania be so cheap and still maintain high quality standards?
When you pay for a certain service, the price must cover the service itself, the materials used, energy costs, instrument usage, education costs for the dental team etc..  Consider the fact that in Romania education costs for medics is cheaper; the materials used are purchased from authorized vendors and are virtually the same, only cheaper; electricity is cheaper; property taxes are lower; salaries and social insurance are lower; the technical equipment is imported from Germany, Switzerland, the USA but the costs are lower than in these countries. And when you add high quality dental education and training, you get top class dental care at an affordable price.
How much money can I save?

The answer to this question varies from patient to patient, depending on each person’s clinical condition. To get an idea we will provide you with a simple example:

If you require a full coverage crown for a tooth you will pay a root canal treatment, the permanent filling and the crown itself.

The average cost in the USA would be $700(root canal treatment)+ $160(the filling)+ $1150(porcelain crown) = 2010$, and this for a single tooth.

The average cost in Romania would be $40 + $35 + $140 = $215. Almost ten times cheaper.

How long do I have to stay in Constanta?
Two weeks are normally more than enough for most crown and bridge work. Implants require a 3 full days stay with a return visit of 10 days after about 6 months
What about the language barrier?
Our dentists and essential support staff speak English and have English proficiency certificates (Cambridge, IELTS). If necessary, we can provide a translator.
How can I pay for my treatment?
You can pay cash in Euro, RON, and USD.
How do I set up an appointment?
In order to be able to satisfy the large number of both local and foreign patients, we will ask you to get in touch with us via e-mail or telephone at least three weeks prior to your visit here. You will be asked to send us a full-mouth x-ray (OPG) and possibly some photos.  Our team will evaluate your situation and you will be informed of the estimated price. An exact price cannot be established until one of our Dentists has examined you. If you accept, we will further discuss your timetable in order to set up your appointments. We collaborate with local hotels and motels and can assist you in finding housing accomodations.

For patients requiring appointments on very short notice (a few days) or have shorter stays here (less than ten days), a 30% emergency fee will be applied to the total cost of the treatment.

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