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Opened in 2002, the 4Dent clinic continues to offer dental care at the highest standards, for both local and foreign patients. Under the guidance of Dr. Rentea Simina, member of the original 4Dent team from fifteen years ago, our clinic has been recently renovated and modernized, and so a new 4Dent team begins its practice.

The only thing that has not changed is our old tradition of offering high quality and painless dental treatments. Our team has a vast theoretical and clinical experience, constantly participating in congresses and trening courses, in order to always keep up with modern trends, techniques and devices in our field.

Because we don’t treat teeth, we treat patients, treatments are based on complex examinations and discussions, with our patients actively participating in developing the treatment plan and all decision-making stages. Our cooperation with our patients is based on professionalism and trust, resulting in therapeutical victories in a warm and friendly environment.

Every patient is unique and his treatment plan is developed to best suit his aesthetic and functional needs and wishes. Our dental team will make sure you will feel safe and relaxed, for a dental treatment without fear or pain.

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